Social Media for Business Growth: What is Your Plan?

This past week, we conducted three presentations for a client on the use of social media to grow business.  Being big proponents of online and offline means to increase sales and revenue, we found ourselves preaching messages that recur every time the topic of new media arises. 

You’re on LinkedIn, have friends on Facebook, hundreds of followers on Twitter, post videos on YouTube.  You participate in numerous networking groups, have a well-done website, blog regularly, email your customers.  This all sounds wonderful, but have you asked yourself:

What are my business objectives?

  • How does social media fit in with my current online and offline marketing and sales initiatives?
  • What do I hope to achieve? 
  • How and with what frequency will I communicate with my contacts?
  • How does this help me develop a deeper relationship with customers and prospects?   

It is easy to get caught up in the hoopla of networking and social media, or alternatively be entirely skeptical of the merits of all this hard work.

Somewhere in between is the practical reality of what social media CAN do for your business.  For people who know me, they’ve heard this before and I can almost hear them laughing when I say it again:  The key to successfully networking and using social media effectively is to have a written plan that outlines your goals, objectives, action items, timetable and metrics to measure what is working .

At the end of the day, the result you want to see is “good growth” for your business.  Experts in social media seem to be everywhere, but what you need to do is gauge what is going to increase the revenue for your company.  Which tools are best?  Social media is a tool, not a strategy.  It is a group of tactics that must always align with business objectives in order to be effective.

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