Taking a Break: Social Media and Business Growth

I recently took a break from blogging, twittering, etc., partly out of choice, partly because of other business needs.

Did it have an impact on my business growth?  Hard to say.  I can say this:  it forced me to evaluate how much and where I focus my time and energy.

I also did something radical—I talked to people.  I picked up the telephone. 

My enthusiasm for social media as a tool for business growth remains strong.  What I’ve noticed though, is that for all the messages and postings that come my way, I’m interested in less than ½ of them.  They’re neither people in whom I take great interest (or they haven’t made themselves interesting) nor are they business colleagues offering valuable insights or advice.

I’ve also observed that the folks who are  posting rampantly have one or all of the following characteristics:

  • Staff and/or coaches to help them,
  • Lots of time, and/or
  • Their business IS social media.

That leaves the rest of us.  I continue to be a huge proponent of social media, and perhaps I should follow my own advice.  (This is a confession a bit like the one from the cobbler whose kids don’t have shoes.)  I was reminded that I need to follow my own recommended philosophy for keeping timely and engaged with others through multiple mediums. 

For my sales purposes, I need tools that allow me to focus on growing my business and that of my clients as the top priority. Social media should be one of many in the mix.

At the risk of offending my social media fanatical friends, here’s my realistic schedule for being a “player” in social media without stressing too much.  Consider this a holiday present:

Tactic Frequency Content
  1. Video/podcast


1 x month Owner, customers addressing a timely topic, offering advice, sharing industry insights
  1. Blog


1x week Insights, shared content, and be sure to post to other social media
  1. Facebook
3x week Entertaining insights, promotions, fan bonuses, partner promotions
  1. LinkedIn
3x week Business insights, shared content, partner recommendations
  1. Twitter
1x day Shared content, links to your blog, fan page, retweets, replies

For me and my business, social media is not just about marketing—it’s about increasing your sales and growing your business.  So consider this incremental awareness-building plan, and see what the New Year brings!

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