Social Media Pet Peeves

As I review my social media sites, I’ve noticed patterns that strike me as counter-productive, or even harmful, in building relationships through social media that promote business growth.

If nothing else, I find many of these behaviors annoying.  We promote the use of social media to enhance relationships, help others achieve success and grow business.  To enable this, we endorse respect, transparency and open communication.

 So here are my top five pet peeves (at least for today):

  • List Builders

You know the kind.  They want a zillion followers, members, fans, connections, accept invitations from everyone and reach out to everyone.  What this tells me is that the connection is not terribly meaningful, the relationship not particularly strong, and you are almost literally,  just a number to them.  Some people who use social media for marketing, told me that they do this to get a greater audience for their product.  I challenge them by asking, ”How much of this has translated into sales?”  Usually, none of it.  This is marketing for marketing’s sake, which is all well and good as long as that is your end goal.  For our clients, it definitely is not.  They want revenue generation.

  • Closed Connections

I’m as competitive as the next person, but also believe that my clients are so satisfied with my work that they aren’t about to go elsewhere.  My connections are visible to all my contacts/friends.  I’ve heard people say they don’t want clients to see other clients, don’t want people harassing their connections, etc.  I want to help and hope that people ask me for introductions to my contacts if it will help them grow professionally.  Look, we’ve all been at different companies, worked with and for others.  It’s a pretty small world.  If you don’t want people harassing your connections, reconsider who you accept as a connection or friend.  I have trust and faith in my contacts and will continue to do so until they prove me wrong—which is unlikely to happen.  And at the end of the day, if you’re concerned someone is going to steal your clients, your issues are bigger than them seeing who you know. 

  • Shameless Self-Promoters

These are the ones who continuously post where they’ve been, who they work with, tell you how great they are and that you really should use their service or product.  Obviously, it would be a good lesson to learn that 3rd party endorsements are held in higher regard than self-promotion.  If I’m connected already, I have confidence in you, so don’t need to be reminded.  Also, it has been our experience that folks who offer information of value get attention.  These are the postings I click through to read.

  • Endless Posters

Postings should be about quality over quantity.  Look at your network activity on LinkedIn, news feed on Facebook, or tweets on Twitter.  Scroll down and see how many updates you have from the same person.  LinkedIn and Facebook collapse updates from the same people that occur in quick succession, but others throughout the day can take up a lot of space.  The end result is that I sometimes miss important postings from sources about which I really care.  I don’t want to “hide” updates from the over-zealous posters, but wish that they could limit themselves to 2-3 times a day to allow space for others.  At the risk of offending some folks, I don’t need to know everything you’ve done throughout the day.

  • Takers

“Tis better to give than to receive” is a saying that is lost on some folks.  A few people connected with me when they were looking for a job and wanted to see if anyone in my network might be helpful to them.  Fine.  After that though, I don’t really hear from these people unless they want or need something from me.  These are takers.  Without stereotyping, recruiters can be guilty of this as well.

Do you have anything to add to the Pet Peeve Hall of Shame?

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